The Data made me do it!

Squeezing 200 countries and 200 years into FOUR minutes is an incredible task. You must watch this video to see it get done in a most interesting and exciting way.

The mind races.

There is all this talk about data. Data is so valuable, but data can be dangerous. It depends who is interpreting it and how.

It’s obvious why the world has become dominated by bankers using leverage. The data makes one want to gamble 24/7/365.

There is fame and wealth awaiting those that can properly interpreting the next minute of this video ….


  1. Rosswhiting says:

    Hans is a great guy, funny and lovable, but he has got to get a new data set. He keeps milking the same data set. Like you said Howard there is so much data out there. Here is a suggestion. How about tax rate and subset data groups that break it up into rich versus poor in all countries via income levels. Throw in education levels, wealth interest rates and life age. Like to see what government are most effective. Hook the world Hans, and more sword swallowing, please.

    • ha. its why the brokers blew up everyone in 2000. they armed them with
      data and tools that were nuclear. with no CONTEXT – see michael biggers
      post and comment earlier, the data is almost always going to blow people up.

  2. Owen says:

    We are currently creating 5 exabytes of data every 2 days which is more than all mankind created up until 2003. An exabyte is a million terabytes! Making sense of that explosion of data is the future. Imagine visualizing stock trading and mentions data like this in real time for individual stocks and actually being able to interact with and drill into the visualization to obtain connections about relationships within that data. Add an intelligent layer that will make unanticipated connections for you. That could be a winner ;^)

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