The Dow 30 = The Dow 9

The Dow hit an all-time high yesterday. Thanks for the emails :).
The S&P is still 15 percent below it’s all-time high
The Nasdaq is 117 percent away

Here are the nine names that have helped the Dow 30 and are at or near all-time highs:

Exxon – seal killers
Boeing – War
United Technologies – Sneaky but good
Caterpillar – Chinapillar
3M – post its baby
Altria – Cigs, Cigs, Cigs
Proctor and Gamble – good for you Fraser
Johnson and Johnson – No More Tears – seriously

Not your average MySpace stock.

If you want a chart of all 30 Dow stocks – click here on Degraaf and have at it:



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