The DTC-fication Of The US Economy…Web Smith Joins Me On Panic With Friends

I am fascinated by DTC (direct to consumer) commerce.

Our fund has made many investments in the space including Kustomer, Narvar and Manscaped, but as my guest Web Smith points out on this episode of ‘Panic With Friends’ we are in inning one of the DTC transformation.

Web Smith has been focused on the DTC market for over a decade starting at DTC brand Rogue Fitness. He left to start the mens comfort DTC brand Mizzen + Main and today runs 2pm a firm focused on helping companies through the DTC-fication of the US economy.

I always say this but we had an incredible conversation about the DTC market, the speed at which ecommerce and DTC has moved to $600 billion on its way to $3 trillion in the next decade.

There are hundreds of billon dollar DTC brands that I have never heard of (we cover a bunch of them in the podcast) that focus on niches that we all thought were too small and it is an exciting time for people that want to learn and take part in the next wave.

Web does not often do podcasts…

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Two recent essays from Web that will add to your enjoyment post the podcast are here and here.

Hope you enjoy. I can’t wait to have Web back on the podcast.

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