The ‘Eclectic Opportunist’…and My Tesla Investment/Trade

This morning I sold the rest of my Tesla ($TSLA) above $61. I am now Tesla free. I am ‘Jonesing’ for Tesla to fall quickly to $50 again so I may revisit owning it. I have Tesla fever….

But I digress. This post is about more than Tesla the stock or the company.

I am tired of all the old ways of profiling people financially. It’s boring…

I fill out new account Statements probably once a quarter it seems for various brokerages or banks and the questions are all the same.

I am not a ‘Novice’ or a ‘Pro’. I am not ‘Intermediate’. God forbid I am labeled forever as a ‘Daytrader’. I am not a ‘momentum’ investor though I have learned to live with the label. I LOVE risk, but not crazy risk. I am an opportunity guy. If the pattern fits and I understand the catalysts and liquidity and price, I will invest or trade it. I prefer to make investments because of my time away from the desk, but if an investment becomes a trade…so be it.

I am an ‘Eclectic Opportunist’ and that fits way better than a ‘Trend Follower’ or ‘Momentum Investor’.

I think my recent Tesla trade/investment is a perfect example of my style. I started thinking really hard about it as it probed highs in February. I covered it in detail here.

I doubt I will ever own a Tesla, but it’s possible. We are a one car family the last 4 years. I thought it was an impossible financial undertaking and was skeptical at their IPO. The IPO was a huge success for all involved including the people that bought opening day shares. As time passed the last year, the stock has based between $30 and $40.

Early adopters were raving about their Tesla’s. The shortsellers are neck high in the stock and leaning in to it as the financials made less and less sense to them.

As I saw the stock stay firm and break to new highs in the high 30’s I bought some shares and noted so on Stocktwits. There is a lot of other stuff I factor in, like the market itself and being in a buy mode in general for stocks as I journal on the blog here, but that’s the gist for the sake of this post. Here is a full chart of the last year from Chartiq (an insanely good product I now use from my desktop though it is a mobile first charting company):


I have marked my buys on the chart and my other annotations as the stock rose and I mentioned what I was doing on Stocktwits including the final sale this morning. Tesla could be on it’s way to $500 and $50 billion in valuation but I am treating it as I do almost all stocks…as an ‘eclectic opportunist’. It’s not a system as much as a pattern that I have learned to recognize. I will never be early and hope never to be the last guy in the room. I believe there will be a thousand more Tesla’s in my investing life and prefer focusing on these type of opportunities that the stock market brings.

This crazy good bull market has covered up a lot of investment mistakes but next time up I will walk through a loser of mine.

I am really excited to continue to grow and learn with others on the Stocktwits stream, including the founders of ChartIq (who use the Stocktwits API), while we push the boundaries of mentoring and market education.


  1. William Mougayar says:

    Would you buy it again at 68-70! It should be an interesting day for Tesla after yesterday’s pop.

  2. Juan says:

    it’s always painful to try to be right. It’s been said by long-time successful investors but yet again, it went unheard, instead, always the same, trying to pick the right time to sell and when it’s proven the wrong thing, the hard-headed point..”at least, we’ve profit some, better than nothing”. ouch that hurts..

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