The End of Fluff…Short Fluff!

I am short FLUFF.

You know what I mean if you read this blog. Donald Trump, Sirius Satelite, Jason CalacANUS (Mahalo), Valleywag, TechCrunch, CNBC etc…

Sequoia and many Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists…FLUFFEROO. They are acting like school girls wanting their mommies. They are an embrassment to VC’s of old. We need VC’s to stop writing panicky letters to their CEO’s that they OVERfunded the week before and move forward. When our ‘leaders’ panic and get all philosophical and whiney, you get what we have now.

We need to abolish the FED and get back to capitalism. Too many rules equals fluff and excuses.

Cheerleading though not yet illegal, should be. FLUFF.

We need ideas.

We need inventions.

Build some shit. Go outside. Talk to a couple of people. Look at the sun without SunBlock 800 protection dripping off your chin.

We need to abolish band-aids.

Big Box stores…fluffodiculous! Walk to the corner store. If you can’t walk to the corner store, walk away from your house or just burn it and move near one. Your bank will be broke before it affects your credit score.

Actually credit scores is the dumbest fluffiest thing in the world. In the new world you won’t need credit. You will need a wheelbarrel full of bullion.

Alternative Energy for all the mindshare…FLUFF. I would rant on this, but Andy has done so perfectly so I LINK . Read it…twice!

Google allowing employees 20 percent of their time to pursue other stuff…FLUFF. Free food is soooo FLUFF.

Way too many people are watching the stock market. Watching the sock market is very FLUFFY. I have to because it’s my living (I live a bit of a fluffy life and I am fluffy around the waist).

You don’t need to watch the stock market or participate in the fluffiness of the people I am criticizing in this post. You definitely don’t need their help. I have not.

Go make something happen yourselves because if you don’t, we go lower and get more broke.


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