The Facebook Brain Drain and Google as a Value Stock…Problem?

In this market, $goog has become a value stock and I have become a value investor…Zoink!

There are a shitload of three year old and less Facebook resumes and their new business plans floating around. I see ’em.

You can’t blame people for leaving Facebook. The last three years have been a rocketship. If you have your stock, can sell it on Fourthmarket to my mom and your 26 year old boss looks at you the wrong way or the chicken wings delivered by a Facebook chef to your cubicle are just a touch undersauced…adios.

I am not bothered by Facebook’s valuation. Momentum happens.

I am nervous about the lack of business and sales experience from the new social zillionaires.

All that said…I am still investing, just with a different eye on where the opportunity lies.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Noticed Soren MacBeth’s comment yesterday that here were more VCs than entrepreneurial efforts going on right now. That is scary. Perhaps the Happy Meals that the new zillionaire young will be buying while sitting on their butts will motivate them to start new businesses for which they can hire new chefs. Either way, there are entrepreneurs out there digging. Typically, the best ideas come from out of nowhere, so one must keep one’s eyes open.

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  5. CoopersPick says:

    Don’t you also agree that the problem with a lot of elders is that they believe they have the experience and they know best and thats why Rupert Murdoch is selling off myspace and the young whipper snappers are the ones creating the new jobs and companies that change the world?

    It’s rather different than trading eh?

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