The ‘Feed’ has Never Been More Important  

NY Mag has a report out saying that the feed is dying:

Yes, is you follow entertainment or any news other than sports and finance, the reverse -chronological feed is not only dying but was a bad distraction. 

In my world, the financial markets, the real-time feed has always been everything. Anything that happened one minute ago or God forbid an hour ago… is old. 

Screwing  up the timeline for users of ‘Finance Twitter’ was only the beginning of the end for a large group of traders and investors who lived in the Twitter feed. 

Obviously Twitter has bigger fish to fry. No one could be happier than Bloomberg who can afford to buy the feed. Crisis averted. 

In the 1990’s CNBC was kind of interesting because we did not have good internet. They were not as ‘paid for’ as today. Their daytime ratings will eventually get low enough for them to put Shark Tank reruns on from 9-30 to 4. When Jim Cramer started it was all about their team posting articles in real time.  The Internet was in control of financial news. 

Twitter blew my ‘financial’ mind when I finally found a use for my workflow. Tweetdeck (I was an angel investor) was my social Bloomberg. I have not used Tweetdeck since 2011. 

I had the idea for StockTwits in 2008 to make sure I could make the feed my own as it relates to stocks and markets and am so happy we built our own plumbing in 2009 to control our own destiny. 

So excuse me if smile while everyone says the feed is dead. The reverse-chronological feed is money. Just not for everyone. I could have told you that in 2008.