The Flight to US Treasuries and Trump

Not sure why Donald Trump has not called this election ‘The flight to Trump’.  I thought he was a good marketer.  He should be out pounding the table that this flight to Treasuries will get harder once the yuuuge walls gets built.

Right now there is a massive flight to US Treasuries that #BREXIT put into acceleration mode for the moment.

Today the $TLT (the twenty year treasury bond fund) hit all-time highs

Kudos to the investors that have ignored the media, the FED, the playbook that says you should buy stocks when rates are low and kept averaging into US Treasuries.

We are officially the best house in a shitty global neighborhood.  USA USA USA…

I have not added any stocks (long) Friday or today but am looking at some beaten banks (SCHWAB AND SILICON VALLEY BANK) and consumer brands.  On Stocktwits I have been trading a few index ETF’s from the short side.