The Flippening That Took Place In My Digital Portfolio

This year is flying by.

The Lindzon family is now fully vaccinated and ready for action. Phoenix had this great program for volunteers and we took part in it and received ours.

I have NO urge to travel- at least by plane – but the airline stocks are flying and could care less what Howie thinks or does.

Ellen and I watched ‘Cherry‘ last night on Apple TV and it was excellent. Tom Holland was really fantastic in the lead.

As we near the end of the first quarter in the markets the Nasdaq 100 is the laggard:

All the ‘old timers’ are having a day…that is unless you look at Bitcoin up over 100 percent so far on the year pushing $60k this morning and Ethereum up almost 200 percent in 2021. All you peeps with value stocks please quit bragging.

Now to the flippening in my portfolio…

Due to gains (not realized) in crypto in just the last year I have more capital in crypto and tokens and funds then I do in the stock market. More importantly, I think that will continue for my lifetime. Software did indeed eat the world now that it has eaten the actual markets.

Maybe I will lose 90 percent of my digital assets from here but I doubt it. I do not plan to own NFT’s and honestly I have not even considered it yet. I am doing the opposite and looking for digital assets that tone down the risk. I believe that is the next great fontier and the ‘finYOOTS’ say that is DEFI, but I have no idea what the hell it is even though I watch the DEFI Pulse page.

If I am living on the other side of the markets right now and we don’t see an epic crash in the next year or two, imagine what these markets will look like in 20 years.

For me that means the RIA business and asset management business continues to be ripe for disruption.

These are fascinating moments in the financial markets.