The Fractional Trading Boom Accelerates – Thanks Alpaca

Back in 2016 before the crypto craze(s) and the explosion of Robinhood(s) I wrote that Millennials will be the investors of all time.

More tools, more time, more access, more mentorship, bigger GDP, global businesses etc etc..

Recently our portfolio company Alpaca launched fractional trading. The gist:

Allowing everyone around the world to participate in an open and free market is Alpaca’s ultimate goal. We started off giving access to developers and traders across the United States to our Trading API so they could build and run their algorithms in the real world.

Today, as part of a much longer roadmap of providing and enabling access to the market to everyone, we are proud to announce that our trading APIs now support fractional trading. Fractional shares can allow you to take advantage of a newfound freedom in investments. But ultimately, a fractional trading capability enables everyone to participate in the market regardless of their economic capabilities and own as little as $1 worth of stock if they wanted to.

Read more about the launch here.

It is an amazing era for investors and/or traders.

Learn by doing and dare I say ‘playing’ is such an important part of learning any language and that includes the language of trading, investing and markets.