The Freedom Of Speech Bull Market … and Bitcoin

We have never had so much free speech (United States).

How do I know we have never had more free speech…the orange guy in the White House.

I believe free speech is a right, but I also believe it is a privilege.

When someone chimes in about free speech on Twitter I just block them (a form of free speech). It’s a crock of shit to think a private/public company that changes their terms of service weekly is a free speech platform. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are just channels (big, complicated and unfair) for free speech.

With all this free speech comes A LOT of risk.

I like to call it ‘Speecher Beware‘.

I have definitely had my ‘tweets’ used against me and I take risks exercising my free speech on the internet each day. I know I have lost potential investors and business, but I enjoy my free speech and use it to build a voice and network of trust that will protect me if I get cut off from one or more of my channels.

Rant complete.

With the boom in free speech, it is no wonder that Bitcoin will not go away. In fact tonight it is back above $10,000.

It has been on my 8 to 80 list for a while (here is the whole list – join Koyfin to keep track of it ).

I have no ideas why Bitcoin is going up, nor does anyone else. You will hear people wax on about China, money supply, politics and yada yada yada but it’s just noise.

The best feature of Bitcoin as it rises is the limited supply.

On the Coinmine blog (which is great) a few days ago they wrote about the upcoming ‘halvening’:

The Halvening is the event in Bitcoin’s code that happens every 210,000 Bitcoin blocks (approximately every 4 years) where the number of new Bitcoins that are created every day gets cut in half. Currently, every day 1,800 Bitcoins are mined. This will be cut to 900 daily after this next halving event. This event is what allows Bitcoin to maintain its supply cap at 21 million while also supplying the necessary rewards for miners for securing the network.

To be honest…it is all greek to me.

The best way to understand Bitcoin is learn by doing. I have said all this before. We (our fund) invested in Coinmine a few years back because we really liked the founder Farbood, his vision, the product and the gynormous market opportunity of decentralization.

Now everyone can learn Bitcoin/crypto by doing and participate in the awesome freedom of trading them at midnight on a Saturday for free on the internet.

Have a great Sunday.