The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…Some Buys and Sells

One of the all-time great movies for sure.

Today, the good comes from Garmin, Navteq and Chipotles. They are now my three largest positions next to Apple and I am selling down half my Garmin and Chipotles. I want to buy some financial stocks for the long term over the next few months. American Express and some of the brokers are coming on sale as always happens. Cash right now is not bad either while I work on other projects. This timeframe is just one of those few yearly opportunities where you can buy stuff for real.

The Bad comes from Valueclick, which I have been stopped out of. Also Blackboard seems to have imploded so that is close to a stop as well. Trends are ending all over the place.

The ugly is the financials and homebuilders. I did buy some MTH and ITB shares into the mess this morning but won’t hold them for long if we close on the lows.

Disclosure – Long AAPL< GRMN< NVT< CMG< MTH


  1. Tim says:

    Howard – forgive me if you have written on this subject before but how do you determine your stops (initial and trailing)?


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