The Google Finance Mystery

Back in July 2006, I wrote a post about the stock market 2.0 opportunity . I was mostly right. The only thing that has changed is that I am now off Yahoo Finance for the most part and rely on Google Finance for quotes and stock information. Google Finance is good and I am not just saying that because Wallstrip videos are always showing up.

Flash forward a year and change and nobody has claimed any new leadership role (please don’t ping me with page view crap…all that means is revenue and bulk). That seems like a lifetime of non eventage in internet time.

I have liked Google Finance from day one and thought they were on to something big. It seems no one else does .

That’s a shame because for 99 percent of the investing market, Google Finance is more than enough information, displayed in a good enough way.

Amazing that with all the smart minds in this space, nobody has gotten it quite right, BUT THEY WILL! To those victors comes $100’s of millions in spoils.

I will continue to make bets in this space.


  1. Broker A says:

    I still use Yahoo finance, but find Google finance to be especially helpful– when researching sectors.

    Yhoo has great content, such as its Java screener and the wide variety of informative links, but its pages have slowed down.

    Their new charts blow and the newly designed finance page is slow to load.

    In short, I want a page that has all available links, and it must load fast.

    AOL finance is not half bad.

  2. Soren says:

    I want to see someone, and it seems Google _should_ be the ones to do it, do give me API access to all the company information contained within. It’s all there sitting in a database – let me at it. I’d be happy to pay for something like this. Google Finance is already good enough for browsing around by hand, but that is too slow.

    btw, Google Finance does Foreign Exchange WAAAYY better that Yahoo Finance ever has.

  3. mrkcbill says:

    I’m strictly YHOO finance.

    One thing that I find interesting about Google and Yahoo in general–is the fact that I have never paid Google nickel for anything. On the other hand Yahoo always seems to find a way to get $10 or $20 bucks. Be it Fantasy Sports, Live quotes whatever.

    I look for, and Yahoo to push Google in the next few years. All they need is one good “GREEN STAMPS” campaign or “Click for a Greener Earth” .
    By the way I wonder what the big 3 search boys Accounts Receivables look like. Uh Mr. Mozilo I was wondering if uh we could come by and pick up the check you owe us for 06 and 07.

  4. moom says:

    It’s easier/quicker to find obscure firms and their tickers on the Google site. Otherwise I mainly use the Yahoo site. They seem determined to make it worse though with their changes to messages and charts.

  5. rvb1977 says:

    Google Finance is pretty decent, I use it and YF about the same…which is to say that Google Finance is slowly capturing me. My expectation is that they’ll make the next year really good…all the while adding incremental features and then they’ll put a Finance link on everything else. Look, Gmail is in year 4…so I think the rollout will be similar. Everything at Google takes years before it’s ready for primetime (even AdWords/Sense)

  6. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    The one clear advantage I see with Google is the “upcoming” view in the portfolio, where you can keep tabs on future earnings announcements and conference appearances for the companies you track.

  7. Howard–

    It’s really about habit. Many people just get used to the same thing even if there is a better product out there. The familiar is always safe. In addition, I think Google has done a poor job promoting the finance page. I now the company is all about minimalism and no advertising, but they should make an effort. I like google finance, but I still go to Yahoo out of habit.

  8. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    They (Google) have started already on creating the habit. If you visit both, then both are in your browser’s autofill list. Which is first alphabetically? finance.g- or finance.y- ?

  9. wealjays says:

    The #1 problem with Google Finance (and the reason I don’t currently use it) is that they amazingly don’t have technical charts (OHLC or Candlestick).

    What is up with that?

  10. James says:

    I agree with wealjays. Google’s stock charts are horrible, with no candlesticks nor technical indicators. The slider thingy on the bottom is a nice touch, and I like the news tags on the charts. Still, no candles and no technical indicators, Google Finance is a no-go.

    Also, under “More Resources,” important stock information is obtained via external links. To me that’s an implicit admission that Google website is not complete. If GF ever does a major makeover I’ll keep my mind open, otherwise I go elsewhere.

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