The Grind…

In hindsight, Twitter was doomed this morning.

After the Facebook debacle, I should have sold all my Twitter and gone short.

I will never be that good.

The machines will never be that good.

Founders go through the grind. There are no overnight successes. I have invested in over 100 startups and never seen it.

The grind is what investors and traders go through as well. The goal is to get your accounts to all-time highs. You do it by saving and investing and if you like the game…trading.

Along the way there will be setbacks to the markets and your stocks and you are back in the grind trying to get your account back to all-time highs.

I don’t mind the grind because it cleans out the wantrepreneurs as well as the lazy investors and traders.

I am off to New York for the week and hope everyone has a great weekend.

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