The Gripp – The Good Old Days

Screw the market as I have said lately, it’s a casino. I yearn for the good old days of the early 1990’s. No freaking internet. No email. No cell phones. We sold balls baby. Big ones, soft ones, firm ones, squishy ones.

The biggest internet concern of the days, was that our domain was squatted on by a ‘PENIS’ extension company. No longer…bummer.

I have travelled the world with my great pal Mark Scatterday. We were both kids when I was working for him at Pro-Innovative Concepts. The Gripp had not sold 10,000 units but now has over 27 million units sold. As a younger guy, I was a sucker for products. Likely the worst thing to happen to me was the amazing early success that I had as a partner with Mark. I thought I was smart. Mark chased women :) . We both have made hundreds of mistakes but remain tight friends. You make mistakes and you survive and move forward.

Now, it’s the internet for me. I grew sick of retailers and shipping and NET NEVER terms from our customers. Mark has gone on to build a big Promotional Products Company. I tricked him into an interview:

The Gripp™ and Mark Scatterday from KNUT JENSEN on Vimeo.

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