The Halfway Point …..And My SPAC Learnings

My friend Barry has a good post titled ‘The Halfway Point‘ (Barry was on my podcast recently and we had a bunch of laughs). The gist:

Here is a shocking observation:

The pandemic lockdown began in March of 2020. As of today, the two leading vaccine candidates from Pfizer and Moderna are requesting FDA approval for emergency use, then a fast track approval for distribution. These should become available in Q1, then be more widely distributed in Q2 and Q3. Best estimates for any form of herd immunity is later next year. Expectations are for life to begin to return to normal — meaning, going to back to work, mask-less social interactions, commuting, public events, etc. — are for sometime around June 2021.

From the March 2020 lockdown to a June 2021 re-opening is a 16-month span. The halfway mark? It’s today.

Imagine someone came to you and said the following: You will be locked up at home with only a limited ability to travel locally for 6 month to a year. You can do whatever you want over that period. What would you want the results of that soft incarceration to be?

Assuming this is just the halfway point, I have a lot of time to keep on keeping on with some big projects I took on.

I took up podcasting and I love doing it. I might be making too many episodes, but I have so many smart people I want to talk too.

This year – if you are a reader you know this – I have also become fascinated with SPAC’s.

I have been working with a great group of people to make our own SPAC mark on the world.

In the meantime. I wanted to share two great reads and a listen on the subjects of SPAC’s.

The first is from Barclay’s research titled ‘SPAC Metamorphosis

The next is from Peter Hebert of Lux Capital titled ‘The once obscure, derided financial product that just might transform deep tech venture capital‘.

The last is a Patrick O’Shaugnessy podcast with guests Rich Barton (Zillow CEO) and Brad Gerstner (Altimeter Capital). The first 20 minutes are a fantastic discussion about the possibilities and opportunity of SPAC’s. Have a listen.