The House of Cards that is Apple

There is NO way $aapl will trade at $400 tomorrow.

Apple is barely hanging on. I mean $RIMM playbook, China knockoffs, Droid, $MSFT and $NOK teaming up….need I drone on. For sure the Gateway and Egghead stores will cut into their margins. The self ‘unhelp’ desk at Best Buy is a winner.

There is no way Apple can survive and grow with $78 billion in Cash. That’s barely enough to buy Goldman Sachs which just prints money or gets handed it by the government.

The iPad is awesome but it’s going to kill Mac sales. The ‘Macbook Air’ is spectacular, but if I have an iPad and an iPhone why would I buy one?

iTunes? ya right… I can just pirate the shit or get a Spotify account.

Steve Jobs died in 2010. That’s not him anymore on stage…have you not seen ‘Weekend at Bernie’s?’


Disclosure – Long Apple just in case


  1. Bob Monsour says:

    Good one! I’m guessing we’ll see $425 tomorrow once the analyst reports trickle out and we get at least a dozen going over the $500 target mark. Having said that, one thing that scares me is the edifice that they call a headquarters they’re planning to build. Have you seen this thing?

    While they certainly need the HQ space (they’re spread out all over Cupertino), it’s a big, expensive, time-consuming reach.

    I’ve loved the ride up to this point, but I’m about to continue pulling the yellow, stop the bus, cord on AAPL and use my bus fare to buy a new car.

    Just in case, I’ll stay somewhat long, but not as large long as I have been.

  2. Don says:

    This DILDO really needs to get off the Crack and “try” doing some honest investigating while doing a financial report on a company that is as continuously successful as Apple.
    More likely than not … just another case of sour grapes from a LOSSER who missed the boat on what has turned out to be a truly amazing long term investment!!!

    From a long time share holder … thanks Steve AND EVERYONE at Apple for a job very well done!

  3. Peterfond says:

    Howard, you sound like a real D**K, seriously.. and a serious ‘Twit’ – or should that be Twat?  AAPL will easily trade above $400, iPad ‘can’t’ kill Mac Sales.. and I do hope you get a Spotify account, and leave iTunes well alone.

  4. Ncds says:

    Really??!  That’s your analysis?? Why is it relevant to be able to buy Goldman Sachs?

  5. Marc Rosen says:

    Very funny, I’m an old dude at 56 maybe that’s what it takes to spot attitude in a post. Momo is momo…only an idiot…YET is short appl…..trying to pick a top is rediculous! I use itunes….even if I don’t care for some of the “features” it is dominant player. There is software out there that takes a youtube viedo and connverts it to mp3, yes there are things out there that challeng and nip at aapl, but just go to any apple store anytime of day and you will never short this stock.
    I run a contrarian blog and even I who knows doom and gloom is coming, now it isn’t right now.
    What WILL happen is the local goof will buy APPL etc near the highs of FED induced coma momo….and then it will die….because it finally reaches a price where the next guy to hand off isn’t there.

    Read all the doom and gloom you want, for now all that matters is the technical action….YES it will end at some point, and YES I am looking. Those that are nimble, in the meantime are riding the momo to good profits and hopefully they will see when the jig is up. 2 year yields a tick above historic lows…at what .37%??? yes to me anyway…it doesn’t ALL add up….maybe the beginning of end, is the debt ceiling talks…..this has been sensationlized so THEY big brother and the Holding co, can come in with a big SAVE!……the euphoria will be unbounded as thank the lord we can borrow even more! To me, that may be the beginning of sell the news….to me the rumor is not the govt will default….that’s rediculous

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  7. StockTiger says:

    I agree Howard – and if you have tried out one of their iUnits you will see they ALL need batteries. No cords at all. That’s a really dumb idea as no one wants to keep having to buy batteries all the time. Heck, the phone I use plugs right into the wall – like they are supposed too and no batteries and even  works if the power goes out.  That’s what I call a SMART phone. And the cord is pretty fancy too – all coiled up and such – you won’t find that cool feature on an Apple. This fad will end real soon.

  8. Satish Pasupathy says:

    Cheaper ipod rip-offs didnt kill the ipod or the itunes.
    I would bet steve is holding IPAD v10 in his hands. He is just adding that one extra feature with every release that the competition doesn’t have, and waits for them to catch up.

  9. Michael Stefanakis says:

    Great Post! But the real question is what ticker gets bought with all that cash…

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