The Internet is Doing it's Thing…This Time to The Music Labels

Finally…another serious headshot to the record labels .

Here’s the legacy:

The internet mutilated the travel agents.

Stockbrokers…long ago butchered. I do love all the names that stockbrokers called themselves as they were dying at the hands of Schwab. They should have just stuck to stockbrokers and they would have survived.

Real estate agents…on their way to DEAD. Not soon enough.

The poor shlubs that fill 90 plus percent of these jobs had no chance and deserved to be crushed by the internet wave. Evolution at work.

Now comes the biggest fat in the distribution and sales chains…big music execs.

I won’t miss them. They have just barracaded themselves in big buildings with wads of cash and tried to wait out the internet fad. Nice plan. No fad putz’s, just scared musicians.

Not anymore. Musicians are starting to believe that free could be/is good. whoa Nellie :) .

If we can just speed up the internet kill process and get to the biggest waste’s of space in the talent world in a tizzy, ie. these scumturdhats , the internet will have done the world the greatest justice of all.


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  2. Bruce says:

    now if only we can get rid of the middlemen in gasoline distribution. Much more complex logistically but there is plenty of margins to spread around btw the $2.00 futures price & the $3.00+ at the pump. Wouldn’t you just love to stick it to the XOM’s, CVX’s, BP’s of the world for literally having us over a barrel for all these years?

    PCLN tried … and failed. Hopefully its only a matter of time. Can you imagine what that would do for retail?

  3. mrkcbill says:

    Should be an interesting year. I missed the debate but caught a few clips.

    We are definitely going to be Greener and Hill– is going to get her Health Care forum. Which probably isn’t a bad thing.

    It’s incredible watching these hot stocks run. Internet, China, AG… How do you Value these companies …How do you go up 30% overnight with no news.

    I say trying to pick these gadget companies is equivalent to betting on pro sports your going to lose. Is MOT not a better risk reward than RIMM. I can remember a couple of years ago NOK was $12 on downgrades….

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