The Irritable Steve Jobs and Apple Enterprise?

Jerry Seinfeld talks about being irritable as his edge.

That was the same for Steve Jobs.

So many things irked Jobs.

He did not like the fortune 500 companies and their CIO’s, he thought the five telcos were worse and the tablet that Microsoft launched in 2013 was going to fail (how many people would have the need or be able to afford a third computer especially one without a keyboard).

Have a listen of his 2003 interview by Walt Mossberg (first 30 minutes is just fantastic).

Steve was healthy and at the top of his irritable game.

Today we know Apple loves selling tablets and has dominated because they made killer deals with those telcos.

At the enterprise level, Apple has also started to make headway. A few weeks ago my friend Villi (he was on my panic podcast and made some great calls), who is a great investor, asked me about $JAMF so I looked it up.

Jamf Holding Corp. provides a cloud software platform for apple infrastructure and security platform worldwide. The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provide a cloud-based platform for lifecycle enterprise IT management of Apple devices. Its products include Jamf Pro, an Apple ecosystem management software solution for IT environments.

They went public recently and have a market cap of $4 billion and now for me a good proxy on Apple’s progress into Fortune 500 and the enterprise.

It is an interesting investment if you think Apple will make headway. I do.