The Language of The Markets

Each and every day I watch the markets, I learn something new.

The markets are a language unlike any other. You can pick it up without hearing it. You can watch it go by, trade it, and invest with or against it. The markets are alive.

I could write about it all day. No wonder Jim Cramer did…and got rich doing it.

The markets are not just about prices. They are about companies, people, products, strategy and time.

It is a language you can’t master, though studying it is a worthwhile journey.

The markets don’t just make investors and traders do the wrong thing, they make governments, companies and executives zig when they should zag.

With all the talk about ‘walls’ and ‘Russia’ and ‘impeachment’ and ‘Fat Nixon’ it is in the markets that this theatre gets played out.

Not since 2008 I have I felt the markets under so much abuse. The endless rhetoric and the senseless futures and stock moving presidential tweets.

Luckily for the markets, some would argue the opposite of course, never have the leading companies been stronger in balance sheet, margins and scale.

It is interesting times for my favorite language.