The Market just sucks

I can’t really pinpoint the crappy action in the US Market.

I am no bull, but the stars seemed to align for a technical rally based on the indicators I follow. Not so though. I don’t short dull markets, but as each day goes by without a good rally off the lows, the liklihood for further weakness increases (in my opinion).

China and India rallied well off the lows but that is not enough.

I will spend some time tonight scanning for the worst looking charts as some Puts may be in order from the road here in Toronto.


  1. mike says:

    hey howard, i am also a torontonian, and yes this market does suck, just a quick question for you, can you recommend some public companies that engage in the fight against identity theft?..thanks alot
    (ps this must be the best city in the world to watch the world cup, so much diversity)

    thanks alot

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    it is a great city to watch. St. Clair was booming with Portugal’s win.

    I will check, there was a spin off from equifax and I will check the symbol

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