The Market of Stocks and Stocktwits Sentiment Machine

I am really having fun watching the markets the last few months.

My daily routine has been pretty simple since I stopped flying in late February…

I wake up at 5-30 am pst, grab a coffee and open up Stocktwits to see what is trending.

For years it was rather boring.

Tesla, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Amazon, Oil Down, Banks down …

Things changed in March.

The market crash in March created so many healthcare and economic horrors, but also an incredible unbundling of the markets.

I wake up today and see the trending tickers on Stocktwits lit up with new companies each day and all day. Individual biotech stocks, autos, China, Latin America, IPO’s, SPAC names that have not yet announced a merger.

Here is the trending page when I woke up this morning:

If you do not have Stocktwits sentiment page bookmarked…you are really missing out. Here it is.

For years the ‘experts’ said that indexing and ETF’s would destroy the markets and I too have long worried about the health of the markets where every investor owned the exact same stocks.

It turns out that if you modernize the tools and access that young people have to the markets, they will try to make sense of everything themselves.

Having global, mobile social networks in the palm of their hands has obviously been a huge catalyst as well.