The Markets Post Osama Bin Laden…

It has been quite a ride for momentum stocks around the world and I don’t expect much to change in the coming months. The renewed confidence could as easily mark a ‘top’ in the market an acceleration in gains.

Two big thoughts came to mind immediately after hearing that an American Navy Seal gunned down Osama.

1, There would be a bit of closure for families that lost someone near to them in the last 10 years related to Osama and to those fighting our war.

2. Now that Osama is dead, he can somehow appear on the Apprentice next year with Trump.

That’s the way the markets have felt the last three years. We get some real data points and than unreal stuff happens in the markets.

I will continue holding my winners $ibb $epay $ntct $siri $oih $intu $aapl $amzn $arba $rax $lpsn $rnow and feel dumb for letting go stocks that ran to far for my comfort that keep rolling up gains $gld $slv $ctxs, $open $nflx $lulu $cmg


  1. Anonymous says:

    eh – dude – you have a really really serious typo – you spelled Osama as Obama – you don’t have to approve this comment – just make sure you make the adjustment.

  2. smrt_computing says:

    Howard Lindzon a perpetual stock pumper and failed comedian. Stick to the hyping and leave being funny to the experts.

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