The Masters …and Some Great Reads

If this does not make you smile

One of favorite weekends of the year is Masters weekend. I am on 10 group chats with 50 bets going. My favorite group is the one with my old regular SDCC foursome – my son Max, Peter and Adrian. These group chats keeps me the most up to date with highlights, including the one I shared above when it had just 10 likes.

I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head today but wanted to just share some great reads instead.

The first was from my pal Barry titled ‘Congress, Not Amazon messed up the Post Office‘.

It should be noted that while Congress is most to blame for the USPS it is Experian, Transunion and Equifax that wrecked the mail by selling our data to everyone long before Facebook was born.

This post from Ev Williams titled ‘The Ratinalization of Publishing‘ is also great, and while Ev is biased, the post is very relevant now that Spotify is public with a $30 billion valuation and Netflix is forcing Disney to imitate.

I am super bullish on this trend though it won’t create hundreds of great public companies. Probably a good thing though.

Finally, this post from Ben Evans titled ‘The Death of The Newsfeed‘. Lot’s of shuffling inside the tech giants and I can sense a lot of deals (big and small) are in the works. I like that Facebook is using this meltdown to come clean on a bunch of data issues. I will never trust them but it is a nice development.

As for the markets, I saw this in my streams today and liked it…If people can’t get scared and react dramatically what is even the point of having a market.

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