The Mattress ‘Sell’ Indicator…or What is the Stock Market ‘Sleep Number’

If you are looking for a reason to be nervous, I have the best leading indicator of the last 15 years. No one is writing about it.

It’s mattresses.

Select Comfort $SCSS makes great comebacks (check out the lifetime price chart) and popular mattresses. The stock is back near all-time highs.

I don’t use their product, but their marketing is genius. They don’t sell mattresses on their website. They sell ‘sleep’, ‘beds’ and ‘pillows’. I can’t finance my ‘sleep’ if I use ambien, but I can finance my ‘sleep’ if I use their mattress. I totally want my Select Comfort sleep number now and would like to add it to my ‘Klout‘ score.

If I was their marketing and investor relations department I would only change one thing. I would add the word ‘cloud’ and brand it the hottest cloud stock of 2011.

Obviously the word mattress is not awesome for SEO. It could be the fact that most of America can’t spell mattress. It could be that the aging, web surfing, mobile addicted world will pay anything for a good night’s sleep.

But, if history is any guide, the stock and the market will crash hard in the next few years.

The ticker has my attention.


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  2. Tom Willis says:

    Howard, I was a mfg. rep in the home furnishings business for over 25 years. Could not agree more with your thesis…However, many of the aging baby boomers are candidates for a new mattress. The bedding cos. are good candidates for positive earnings going forward. However, I would refrain from investing in traditional furniture mfg/dist, like LZB, FBN, HOFT etc. Demographics suggest that the baby boomers are downsizing, giving their extra furnishings to their children. This trend is likely to remain until 2021-2023 per studies done by the N.C. Dept. of Commerce…

  3. Mattresses come in many sizes including crib size, twin, extra-long twin, full, and larger sizes. Older children or children who are likely to be tall may benefit from an extra-long twin so you do not have to purchase another mattress as they grow.

  4. play mats says:

    For the most part, installing a foam floor is much like putting together a puzzle. Foam floors come with interlocking joints that make them much more stable, and less likely to come apart from use.

  5. Indeed, putting the word “mattress” is not that catchy but if you put there “sleep,” it’s way better and people will really be curious. Most people would do anything to have a good night’s sleep especially those who have busy lives. Sleep is an investment these days. –

  6. Traagschuimmatras says:

    Fact says that America can’t spell mattress. It
    could be that the aging, web surfing, mobile addicted world will pay
    anything for a good night’s sleep.

  7. Alicia David says:

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