The Meme Economy – A Closer Look at Our Documentary

A few weeks ago I teased here about a documentary I was involved with as an investor and executive producer.

The working title of the documentary is ‘The Meme Economy’. Young kids investing and trading today were not here in the 1990’s when social investing was born. The first internet boom led to an explosion in retail chat and trading. AOL ICQ Chat, Yahoo Finance, The Motley Fool, Raging Bull, The, Datek, Etrade and the wild internet stocks of the era – Iomaga, AOL, Qualcomm, CMGI, ICGE, Amazon, Yahoo, Akamai, Inktomi, Etoys etc…

At the time, retail was working with 20 minutes delayed quotes. It seems obvious of course, but we were doomed.

Today, retail has better information than most institutions.

I was up in LA a few weeks back to meet with the team and visit with my friend Josh Brown who agreed to be interviewed for the documentary. Josh did not disappoint. He gave so many great takes that will be used throughout the film as we tell the story of social investing from the 1990’s through today.

You can read a little about the documentary and the team here in this Deadline article breaking the news. Chris and his team also have an Ethereum documentary in the hopper to do next. The capital was quickly raised in a crowdfunding campaign.

I am excited to have these stories told and for everyone to see the arc of social trading and investing these last 30 years and to follow along with some of the most interesting people in the meme economy investing world.

Have a great Saturday.

PS – Here I am with The Meme Economy director Chris Temple…

And Josh Brown…