The Motley Fool

Yesterday my friend Adam invited me to a ‘Coinscioi Capital‘ dinner to hear David Gardner speak.

David and his brother Tom started Motley Fool 27 years ago, when ‘America on Line‘ was the internet.

I walked up to Dave to introduce myself and it was cool that he knew who I was and we had a nice chat about the financial publishing business and the people I know at The Fool. We took a quick picture:

I remember David and Tom appearing on CNBC back in the 90’s in crazy ‘jester’ hats talking about their ‘Rule Breaker’ stocks.

Still TOday, David and Tom are stock pickers and their community and business is thriving.

Wallstrip and Stocktwits were mostly inspired by the work of David and Tom at The Motley Fool. When I showed Fred Wilson the idea back in 2007, he said ‘If you love stocks, and love talking about them all day long, Stocktwits is for you.

Here we are in 2019 and the era of ‘passive index investing’ and people still love to pick stocks and talk about stocks all day long.

In the markets, times change.

People’s behavior…not so much.