The New StockTwits iPhone App Is Live

StockTwits, the creator of the human ticker and $ cashtag, is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of the StockTwits iPhone app.

We strived to keep things really simple and elegant. Your iPhone stock app preloaded by $AAPL is still one of the best apps for stocks. With that in mind, we just added our special sauce to how people use the iPhone app today with real-time streams, trending tickers and messaging capabilities.

The new app is easy to use and packed with goodness allowing members to follow the conversation of the world’s largest real time trading and investment community, create watchlists with real time quotes and ticker stream access, discover stocks that are in play now via StockTwits Trending Tickers and post messages to the stream and across multiple venues.

Follow your personalized StockTwits Home Stream with real time messages from the StockTwits members and tickers you follow on including verified messages from public companies themselves as well as the broadest source of finance news, SEC documents and member generated charts.

Create a watchlist with real time quotes. StockTwits makes it easy to track the stocks you care about and to then access those ticker streams. You don’t even need to be signed in to add tickers to your list.

Access StockTwits Trending Tickers. StockTwits technology tracks what traders are discussing and surfaces stocks in play fast. The StockTwits Trending Tickers Stream, included in the new app, allows members to discover these stocks and access their streams to discover what’s happening before the street reacts.

The new version of the StockTwits iPhone app provides unmatched distribution by letting you message directly to StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as to our network distribution partners inlcuding Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, Reuters and Bing Finance all with one click

The new StockTwits iPhone app is must have for those who are on the go and want to know what’s happening in markets in real time and how traders from across the globe are playing it.

Get it in the Apple App Store today and make the street keep up with you!



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