The NEW is now live. Fred has a good post about it on his blog.

Soren has done a great job putting the site together and making it fun to use.

There are many different ways to use it. You can just watch the whole stream of stock conversation or you can create your own filters.

My favorite feature is the ‘Portfolio’ creation where I can create my portfolio in my fund and limit the conversation around it to my most trusted sources. When I am away from the office for a day or any length of time, I can come here and get the updates that I need. Fast.

The other cool feature is the way we aggregate ‘buzz’ and discussion around individual stocks. With just a few thousand users, we are not as deep and wide in our coverage yet, but there is great discussion around many of the most active names. No other financial site on the web can bring that to you. We do it in real time because of our Twitter integration.

Discovery is a key focus of the site. It is important for people to find other traders, investors, that help them improve. Using StockTwits, it’s really easy to get the full history of ‘tweets’ of any contributor and Twitter offers a simple way to build reputation and force accountabilty. Use the site for 20 minutes and you will find 50 investors that will help you become a better investor yourself. We have a recommended list if you want to start right away without discovery.

Keep the suggestons flowing.


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