The Next 10 Years…Fashology, The Investing Class, Deflation in Healthcare, and an Increased GDP Of The Internet

Thinking about the next ten years I went back 10 years on my blog to read what I was thinking in 2011. Sure enough, there is a post I wrote titled ‘The Next Ten years‘. I was incredibly optimistic about investing in startups. I linked to a very prophetic piece by William Quigley who wrote:

Going forward, those who participate in building new companies and providing the start-up capital to fuel the growth of those businesses, will be handsomely rewarded like never before.

Howard here..

I am not sure what William Quigley thinks about the next 10 years but I will try and track him down and ask (will report back if I get an answer).

My best guess is we experience more of what William Quigley said in 2011 with a new twist brought on by crypto and the decentralization trend…

‘Going forward, those who participate in building new companies AND THE COMMUNITIES with start up capital, AND THE TIME AND ATTENTION to fuel the growth of those businesses and DAO’s, will be handsomely rewarded like never before.

I have been thinking through how I spend the next 10-20 years of my career and investing life and sharing it on this blog the last few months.

I have been in the podcast studio the last week with 12 guests that have been helping me frame it (I do not tell my guests this so as not to put pressure on them).

The trends that excite me and align with how I want to spend my time that should also be able to create outsized returns if I align myself with the right founders and products include:

1. Fashology – the continued trend of fashion intersecting with technology)

2. The investing class – a trend set in place by the creation of a 24/7/365 digital financial market and the disruption of asset allocation models as interest rates remain close to zero.

3. Deflation in healthcare – The mantra is healthcare costs are experiencing runaway inflation and they are, but technology is going to change things quickly with so much liquidity and venture money focused on the enormity of the opportunity.

4. The continued increase of the GDP of the Internet – credit to Stripe for their mission statement ‘To increase the GDP of the Internet- the next 10 years will see more of the same. e-commerce, fintech, and gaming will continue to explode the GDP of the internet.