The Next Apple – A New Book By Ivanhoff and I

In 2008 I published my first book on trends called ‘The Wallstrip Edge‘. Hachette paid me well and for that they got title naming rights. Twitter was beginning to explode and I wanted to call the book ‘The Twitter Trend’, but Hachette scoffed and we sold 14 books. The good news is for $9 you can download it on Kindle and read it for yourself. I think it is a great book on how I think about, find, ride and exit trends.

My friend/partner Ivanoff, who runs our service has wanted to take all the content from our blogs, service and filters and create a new book that would be our guide to help investors find the next crop of 1,000% gainers that show themselves each year. In 2015, we could also name the book, self publish the book, edit the book and update the book (including title changes) as we see fit.

The book is now live on Amazon and I am really proud of it. I think ANY investor or trader will benefit from reading it. Do not just take my word for it. Brett Steenbarger is someone Ivan and I have looked up to as a trading coach and writer for a very long time. He had this to say.

There is a new generation of ‘millenial’ investors upon us. They will see booms and busts just like us. They also have much different/better tools and a different workflow with which to manage their assets. They won’t have 6 screens on their desk and day trade. They have a smart phone, social feeds, mobile chat, zero cost trading and their own network to call upon. Ivan and I wanted to write this book with them in mind.

They just want ideas. They will do the rest.

My kids have grown up hearing me talk about stocks and markets and trends. It has rubbed off. My daughter has taken over her own Robinhood and Fidelity account (set up by her Grandfather) and has bought some Shake Shack ($SHAK) in the 40’s and recently some UnderArmor. With Shake Shack up a quick 30 percent, she is not thinking about profits or trimming, she is wondering when San Diego will get their first one and where it might be located. I like the way she thinks, but I do hope she reads one of the 10 copies of our book I have planted around the house.


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