The Next Apple, Google or Tesla Should Change Your Life…A New Premium Service ST50

Two and half years ago, my friend Ivaylo Ivanhoff and I built the well-recognized ST50 list. It rocks.

My partner Phil Pearlman and I had been brainstorming about the best way to capture the public stocks to watch for big future moves. We wanted the list to be concise, but thorough enough for all market cycles. The list would also account for certain unique data from Stocktwits (it does). Furthermore, I believed there was a connection between a list of leaders in the public market and the world of start-up investing and venture capital (more art than science…for now). The data was very new and scattered, but it was data that I was watching closely all the time as an active angel investor.

The purpose of the St50 list has always been to highlight the future market winners before their biggest moves. I believe, if we invest our time and money, we should trounce the market averages. Every year, hundreds of stocks appreciate 50% or more and they all share common characteristics along the way. We identified the characteristics of the biggest movers and created the ST50 list to help us find them and profit.

Over the past two and half years, the ST50 list has consistently spotlighted 50% and 100%+ winners ignored by the mainstream press – stocks like 3D Systems, Stratasys, Visa, Rackspace, Ariba (acquired), Financial Engines, Cray, Michael Kors, LinkedIn, Netsuite, On Assignment and Pharmacyclics to name a few.

We believe that active portfolio management has its place in everyone’s portfolio. To offer the best experience with our product, we have expanded the services and created our first ever premium product.

By signing for the ST50 Premium Service, you will get access to:

The St50 List

The stock market is an opportunity machine and the St50 list will help you recognize the best market setups and profit from them. Many of biggest stock market winners of the recent past, have been on this list. Many of the future largest stock market winners (the next Apple, Google and Starbucks of the world) will spend a lot of time on our weekly list. We will teach you how to own these trends. Our list is a great starting point for every investor.

Model Portfolio

This is a brand new feature/service that people have been asking me to create for a very long time. In this model portfolio (first 3 positions were shared with members on Friday), we share exact entry and exit points. For Ivan and I we get to run a portfolio with the members/partners looking in directly. It is a long only portfolio that will not exceed 12-15 positions. The service was built to run smoothly on all devices and alerts will get sent in the method that works best for your workflow.

Review of The Week

In this weekly wrap-up, we cover notable market developments and discuss when to be aggressive and when to protect capital. Ivan and I have been offering these up Saturday morning for the last two and a half years. Now we can dive a little deeper with the added context of a real-time portfolio. To keep it simple as always, we strive to keep you in bull markets as long as possible and out of bear markets as long as necessary.


This is a must for a premium service. Ivan and I love talking about stocks and markets all day long. As a ST50 member you will have direct email access to Howard and Ivan, which should help you become a more successful and knowledgeable investor.


At a minimum you will be helping keep Ivan off the streets and in America, not Bulgaria.