Goldman and Bitcoin at All-Time Highs But Little Is Fixed – The Next Frontier in Fintech….

The other day I talked about the unbundling of markets and indexes.

Rex Salisbury a fintech VC at a16z asked where the next ‘war’ in fintech will be fought.

The thread is here.

I replied that with Bitcoin and Goldman Sachs at all-time highs right now, it looks like the last ‘war’ got very little fixed.

Yoshi, the founder of Alpaca (we are investors and here he is on my podcast) chimed into the conversation with:

It will be “war of crossing-borders” While work-from-anywhere enables live-from-anywhere, it also surfaces various issues around our daily financial lives (spending, getting paid, tax, sending money etc).

Alpaca is going after an incredible opportunity.

Just yesterday, I had a fintech entrepreneur email me this re Alpaca:

OMG — alpaca looks pretty awesome

Everything Apex is not

It is the same day that SOFI was merged into Chamath’s SPAC which is a 15 percent owner in Apex!

It’s exciting to see the fintech space get so much attention and for me to have the opportunity to invest in this sector. There is much to be done.