The Next Great Roll-Up…Entrepreneur Start-up Schools

I have figured out a way to solve our fascination with investing in start-ups.

Take a look at the market cap of Devry (DV – $4 billion) and University of Phoenix (APOL, $10 billion) when you get a moment Mr. Paul Graham (Y Combinator and already bi-coastal) and David Cohen (Techstars).

Now consider a rollup of your great early day schools, not just for the money you and your partners will make, but for the national good.

I have never hired a Devry student, but would have hired a number of people from TechStars , in fact I may just participate and fund.

With Devry and University of Phoenix, the student pays ( it’s guaranteed by the federal government – remember Fannie Mae – so here is a HINT – don’t be a DUMMY and pay it back) untold thousands and walk out with a Devry degree that I have yet to see in the wild.

Here is Scott Kirsner’s great roundup of this weeks 21 Y Combinator start-ups in Boston. READ IT!

The possibilities of this method of learning and teaching are endless and have a long tail that is worth billions more to the American and Global economy than the ‘education provider’ pay (wink) for play systems we have in place today.

I already have the TICKER symbol Dave and Paul so let me know…