The Next Great Trends…More of the Same

The market’s weakness only confirms the existing trends and strength. There are just a handful of things one needs to survive in the years ahead:

1. An iPhone and/or Blackberry

2. Google maps and Google search – unless you live in China which means Baidu

3. GPS

4. Burrito’s, Beer and Wii’s

5. Vitamin Water/Energy Drinks

Medicine, Coffee and Smokes are important, but not as much as the above. Oil and jewlerry will be there too. Always have, but I am sticking to side orders of everything but my Big 5.

If you are patient, you will get better entries on the best stocks in the categories. For now you have been paid to chase. That will not always be the case.

Don’t overthink it.

Disclosure – Long Apple, Google, Baidu, Garmin, Navteq, ERTS, Sony, NTDOY, SBUX, PHO, OIH, GW and Chipotles

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