The Next Steve Jobs…Stop the Insanity!

Fuck you anyone who actually wastes the digital earth with this dumbest of posts… and there have been a few. Thank goodness the first one I saw was from FOX News so I rest my case.

It has gotten boring reading all the people that say they ‘knew’ him writing about him as if it matters. It does not.

I think MG had the best post on the subject, and the only one that sticks with me.

The products and his attitude are what matters.

He cared about making great great products and he had the best attitude of any CEO.

Jeff Bezos cares like Steve Jobs and has a fantastic attitude but there is still no comparison.

In 6 months to a year we will know what the Steve Jobs premium was. Based on the limited trading, it feels like 30 percent of the market cap and I don’t mean that $AAPL has 30 percent immediate downside. I believe the stock would have been tradiong between $600 and $800 with a completely healthy Steve Jobs. It is now just an amazing growth stock and let’s see who steps up. The market is watching as close as it has ever watched any one stock. I see it everyday on Stocktwits. It is followed by the most people (12,500) and has 250,000 plus posts ($AAPL) since we started Stocktwits.

There is no next Steve Jobs. This was once in many lifetimes.


  1. Greg says:

    The candle that burns twice as quickly burns twice as bright.  We may never know but my guess is that knowing his life was shorter made some, if not a lot of difference.  Most people don’t even think about it.

  2. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    We’ll know a lot more when the official biography comes out. but I suspect the “Steve Jobs premium” is far less than 30%. I don’t think even a fully healthy Steve Jobs could overcome the relentless assault of competition from Android, nor do I believe only Steve Jobs could create the new markets Apple needs to create to continue to grow.

    • Jwpinks2000 says:

      Android is doing very, very well, a highly successful product. There will be competition in every product. However well android is doing, it has not put much of a dent in Apple’s profits. 

  3. William Mougayar says:

    “In 6 months to a year we will know what the Steve Jobs premium was.” That’s a very fair statement. He might still surprise us from his grave, as we can be pretty sure that he had a very heavy involvement in whatever else comes out of Apple, not just in the next 6 months, but perhaps in the next 4 years if not longer. We have to think that his legacy is beyond awesome products, and about awesome culture and people that can create more amazing products.  

    I’m betting that Apple will continue to do very well. His legacy and his genius are not just about what was done under his watch, but also about what Apple can do without him. Look how most of us are inspired from him from a distance and without knowing him. Now imagine the effect he had on those working closely with him. Probably a X100 factor. That’s the Apple to come. 

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  5. TheAcsMan says:

    By the time the next Steve Jobs appears, we (or our future generations) won’t be in a position to recognize it as such. We as a world will be different and our expectations will be just as diifferent.

    When it comes to creative genius, each stands alone.

    Who turned out to be the next Edison? OK, maybe not enough time has passed for a successor, so then who turned out to be the next Da Vinci?

    It takes more than a great mind and great vision. The tools available to you change in time and influence creative greatness. I’m just grateful that I was around to witness Jobs’ genius and have no expectations for a repeat, but I do expect better.

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