The Next Ten Years…

I was in France the last week and had a fantastic time.

It was very different this time than the many times in the past. I believe it was due to my entrepreneuring, blogging and Twitter. From the moment I landed and let it be known I was in town, I was busy. Business, old friends, new friends…booked. Better restaurants, better referrals, more productive.

Paris felt warmer and like any other big city I go to a lot. Just prettier than most. I can’t wait to go back this summer. I am going to add Russia to the trip next time for sure.

The productivity we gain from using the new tools of the trade are too hard to measure and it is why Facebook $FBOOK , Twitter $TWIT and others are receiving such high private market valuations. What seems like chasing to us by Russian investors is actually a great deal if you understood the implications that many Russians feel social web tools are providing.

One thing that seems clearer to me than ever…the next ten years will be more about everyone else than America.


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  2. William Mougayar says:

    True, but America is still influencing the rest of the world when it comes to technology and its impact, although the variety of implementations will differ around the world.

    I think US/Canada are tech laboratories for the world. Our markets are more efficient and we take Tech like duck to water. If Facebook wasn’t successful at home first, they would have never been able to grow abroad. I’m sure you’ll build on StockTwit’s success in America to conquer the world with it.

    Having quick access to 50% of a global market without any cultural, language or regulatory barriers is an amazing springboard to the world. No single homogeneous market offers that anywhere in the world. North American companies are lucky to be in that position.

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  4. Bryn says:

    the new tools put your trip on steroids. there are new tools for excercise, nutrition, cooking, cosmic consciousness, better sleep, google tv, and on and on.

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