The Next Ten Years…

Few of us are thinking of the next TEN years.

It’s hard not to get excited and short term distracted with Twitter, Groupon and Facebook adding billions in value as private companies in just a few years. They did this amidst a financial collapse and repapering.

All I need/want are healthy kids, a cure for cancer a personal chef and better man grooming products so my goals are narrowing. It’s therefore getting easier to think long-term.

I think the Next Ten years will be sillier, faster, smarter, dumber and more dangerous than the last. I don’t think you can shrink global volatility so fast. I think the swings will just get wilder between boom and bust before we have no choice but to slow down.

I liked this article from David Pogue on ‘The Last Ten Years‘. I also like Michael Vassar’s post on the next ten years.

I am going to put together some Stocktwits interviews with my favorite brains forcing them to think about the next TEN years with me before years end as well. Who would you like me to talk to for us?

Let’s get thinking bigger and longer term together.


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  2. Mscan says:

    Here’s a widely diverse cast of ideas, to keep it interesting:
    Jim Rogers
    Chris Martenson
    Timothy Sykes
    Fernando Aguirre
    Howard Ruff

  3. Mark Essel says:

    I’d like you to talk to Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, Hugh Macelod, and Oprah, oh yeah and me too.

    In ten years we’ll have negative population growth and be Europe unless we make swift changes in our national and cultural identity. Anything resisting the big shift has to be reinvented. That means ancient laws, bureaucracy, silly patents, class action lawsuits, financial bottlenecks (Federal bank), and short term thinking.

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  5. nmacey says:

    Someone is sociology or education who can speak to the state of the population in 10 years – will we be able to sustain growth as a knowledge workforce or will we be on our way back to manufacturing?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    IMO…From the trading side of the business, you will most likely see the emergence of new trading firms anchored to APIs, better algorithm, education, media, and the ability to empower the smartest brains on a global basis. Heck, we are working on this right now. Darn. I need to write a blog post about this.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Megatrends!Asia emerges. Wildcard – protectionism, end of globalization, political/military conflict.Peak oil / alternative energy / green tech. Wildcard – Major technological breakthroughs, ie cheap solar/nuclear.Aging US population. Wildcard – continued immigration, or a grinding halt.Medical advances. Wildcard – politics of health care impact pharma/biotech/health care negatively.Digital technology – mobile/cloud paradigm supersedes Windows/client-server.Debt supercycle / Inflation. For reasons too long to go into, everyone is determined to devalue the dollar and jumpstart a little inflation, which due to politics/demographics/trade & fiscal imbalances will inevitably turn into significant inflation . Wildcard – Despite seemingly irresistible efforts of fiscal deficits and easy monetary policy, crazy politics could result in half measures leading to deflationary collapse.Maybe, climate change… who knows how fast/how long it will take to put Florida underwater, make Nova Scotia prime vacation property. But along with the other megatrends moving to Canada is starting to look like a pretty attractive proposition.

  9. Bryn says:

    theory.. customer experience is going to become the heart of marketing replacing advertising. We already see some evidence of this: SaaS Cloud computing, Facebook marketing, Chipotle, the second generation McDonalds shunning network TV ads, a Ph. D that says Social is the biggest thing in business since the assembly line.

      • DMattia says:

        why is bigger always better? because technology allows us to build it bigger with efficiencies? If experience really is “all-that” then maybe we are ready to move to the atomic age of customer structure from ‘molecular thinking’…and accept new rules will govern doing/building businesses in this period. The advertising business model is a social constant (read as “needed”) but that does not mean new businesses can’t be built to make it fit the atomic age of customer experience. Plattitudes about “partnership with customers” will be honored in this next age whether you are big or small, new or old. My favorite old saying “Ask for forgiveness, not permission….” will be out of season in whatever comes in the next five to ten years.

  10. Michael Harris says:

    Looking forward to the interviews. It is hard to make predictions when a system is close to chaotic and there are many candidate bifurcation points. Thanks for the article links.

  11. Anonymous says:

    About the next ten years, would love to hear you talk with any of the following:

    Dick Costolo
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Jeff Bezos
    Bob Iger
    Warren Buffett
    Howard Schultz
    John Doerr
    Ron Conway
    Brad Feld
    Fred Wilson
    Mark Suster

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I love this post and the idea to interview some forward thinking people about the next 10 years.

    As a healthcare VC, I’m biased, but I think medical innovation, healthcare IT and cloud-based health services will be a massive growth area for the next 10 years

    I wrote a post this week talking about why I am so bullish about healthcare investing over the next decade – it’s tough to fight demographics. (Little known fact: healthcare VC returns have crushed IT/internet returns in the past 10 years as well).

    Without being self serving, one quote from my post which may seriously impact the next decade:

    “The fastest growing segment of the US population over the last 10 years and projected to be the fastest growing over the next 30 years is people over the age of 100. That 100+ group has grown 40% in the last decade and is expected to grow by 650% over the next 30 years.

    By comparison, the # of people in their 30s has actually shrunk by 6% in the last decade and is expected to remain flat at best over the next 30 years.”

    I look forward to your interviews.

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  16. ShanaC says:

    Someone about the future of stories. I think since we’re moving away from the printed book, we’re going to have to develop new ways of telling stories

    And thank you for doing this

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