‘The Offer.’..Very Bingeworthy…

I loved ‘The Offer‘. I found it on Amazon Prime and it is another Paramount+ hit.

Rolling Stone called it ‘a waste of time’, but Rolling Stone needs to say clickbaity things to get on the first page of Google searches from time to time. I was shocked that Cathie Wood did not have a review right below Rolling Stone.

But, I digress…

The casting was great and the people the movie portrayed are/were legends.

I have created and executive produced my own web video show – just a few minutes a day – and that was insanely hard…so I can’t even imagine the scope of producing a movie let alone one of the scale of ‘The Godfather’. The Offer gave me a feel for the intensity and complexity of the making of the movie.

It was also pretty motivating as I work on my new comedy project as a reminder that nothing great comes easy.

I am looking forward to watching The Godfather parts 1 and 2 again over the next week with all this new information in the background.