The Pain in Spain Will Continue To Rain…And What Does Fred Wilson Look for in a Startup

It’s opposite weekend here on planet earth.

Last week I had no doubt that Spain would get money. I was joking on my stream that small investors should buy Spanish stocks and leveraged ETF’s. Take one look at $EWP (below global meltdown prices) and it felt obvious that Germany would step in.

Like I just mentioned on Fred’s blog post on choosing investments, the qualifications for a bailout are the exact opposite of the one’s Fred would use:

Here is Spain’s Pitchdeck:

We are old and looking to protect the status quo.

Internet Shminternet

We have no plan to pay you back or create shareholder value

We have an experienced team in waste

This gun in our bag…is pointed at your head

There is no weekend solution to Spain’s problems, but this weekend, entrepreneurs are being funded based on Freds criteria that could change the world in 5 years.

I just get a thrill from following both.