The Pause That Refreshes

I’m back home in Phoenix for the weekend and the kids are coming to see us too which is great.

Ellen has been busy fixing up our Phoenix home and it looks great.

We like modern, simple and clean and Al Beadle created amazing indoor/outdoor living spaces that are very compact and space efficient.

I have had 10 days at our Coronado home alone with our dog Lindzee. I am feeling really refreshed and relaxed. I had dinner with my friends Brad and Amy Feld. Brad is one of my mentors and I can always count on Brad and Amy to give me great advice and help me with strategy. I put a lot of miles on my bike, a few rounds of golf with friends and a lot of reading and writing.

My podcast idea is coming together and I have Fred Wilson offering to do a monthly Video/Podcast AMA with me which I need to make happen as well.

Happy 53rd to my cousin Adam in Toronto who reads the blog. I miss you buddy.

I am ready to hit the road hard the next two weeks as I zig zag back and forth across the country.

I have a ton of half written posts which usually have my best ideas…I should just do a book that has the 200 plus half written blog posts sitting in my wordpress account.

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