The Power of The Tweet …The Movie…

I have been working on the script….who should play me?

Let’s make this movie happen…..

He never obeyed the flight attendants when they said turn off your phone. He kept surfing and returning email. They did not really care. His converse sneakers were off, his seatbelt unbuckled and his fingers pecked away at his smartphone.

After take off he had forgotten that his phone was on.

An hour later, while descending his phone rang. He looked at Jason next to him and said ‘..that’s wierd, I have never had a phone ring while flying at this altitude.’

He answered. It was his friend Matt. They had been talking a lot because of a deal they were working on. I am not sure what came over him, but he said in as rushed and panicked a voice as he could – ‘Hey Matt it’s a miracle you called because our plane is being hijacked on the way to San Francisco and you need to help’.

He hung up knowing the call would not likely last anyways. He turned off his phone so it would not ring again. He looked at Jason who immediately said’ I don’t think that’s such a great idea…you have 300,000 followers on Twitter, many of them trigger happy journalists and you could cause a few heartaches.

He didn’t think much of it as he would be landing in 10.

He forgot it was San Francisco. A low ceiling kept them an extra 40 minutes circling.

When he landed he turned on his phone and it lit up with notifications like never before.

Howard’s heart skipped a beat….he knew immediately his stupid comment had set off a bit of a twitter storm. He quickly texted Matt:

‘Hey Matt – sorry about that stupid ‘hijack’ comment I dropped on you. We landed, will meet you in 30 minutes downtown.’

He got no reply.

He fired off a tweet apologizing to anyone who was offended by his stupid, thoughtless comment/prank.

He checked the markets as he always does and they were down slightly. Nothing much had changed since takeoff.

If he had drilled down a little deeper into the day he would have noticed a 800 plus point ‘flash crash’ in the S&P that in hindsight would be tracked to Matt’s tweet begging for help for @howardlindzon on his hijacked flight on it’s way into San Francisco. Howard had gone viral in a very bad way.

As the plane pulled up to the gate, Howard and Jason did not have a chance to get up. The doors opened and what looked like 100 FBI agents were coming straight into the plane.

You will NOT believe what happens next…