The Pressure Of Large Numbers and Some Acquisition Predictions

Because I don’t short stocks, this continued ramp to the upside in stocks is fun.

I have stopped digging into financials beyond market caps and growth rates because the extra work has not been necessary.

I find myself playing market cap LEGO to help me think about how the large companies get larger.

Apple has now passed $1.5 trillion.

The law of large numbers combined with the pressure to grow (large valuations) are going to lead to some interesting and likely massive acquisitions and even some big changes of business models.

Never shy to throw his hat in the ring is Professor Galloway with his predictions for big technology.

He believes that all that is left for the big leaders is expansion into healthcare and education as growth markets. He shares the links in his post ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral‘.

He also shares some interesting ideas for acquisitions. It is a good read.

I will add a couple…

I think Netflix should buy Peloton. If they don’t I think Apple will.

If the market gods of valuation continue to bless Square…they will buy Twitter. If Square goes up another 50 percent while Twitter continues to stall, Jack will get his way and be CEO of one company. His Next Computer, Pixar, Apple, Steve Jobs moment.