The Pusher of Omaha

A have a Warren Buffett hangover.

I took an Ambien last night while reading his annual report and somehow woke up with McDonald’s wrappers and Coke cans littered all over my hotel room.

Today I see that Warren Buffett actually owns a truckload of Ambien (Sanofi – $SNY):

jackdamn shared a chart on StockTwits

My friend Pascal calls him ‘the pusher of Omaha’. Indeed.

Warren Buffett is best friends with Bill Gates but owns 133 million shares of Apple and no Microsoft.

Warren Buffett pushes uppers (sugar – Coke), gluten (McDonald’s), downers (Ambien) and casino’s (banks). He now owns all the overhead departments in the airlines you fly so expect the price of your carry on luggage to skyrocket.

I have no doubt that through derivatives he is the largest shareholder of Phillip Morris and Smith and Wesson.

I am sure Devil’s Advocate is his favorite movie.

I tip my hat to America’s financial ‘Inglorious Basterd’ and wonder who will play him in the movie.

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