The Race To 1 Trillion…and a Wallstrip Reunion

The daily email has been messed up with problems on my service provider. I think we have it fixed. You can always just go read it directly on my website.

Today I was visiting with some startups at The Science office in Santa Monica. I miss the beach life and the startup scene in Santa Monica is thriving. My friend Peter Pham is really doing an great job with his partner Mike Jones. They were the home that hatched the billion dollar brand ‘Dollar Shave Club’.

My friend Fred Wilson is taking Max and I to play Riviera tomorrow which will be fun.

Tonight I got together with Fred Wilson and Lindsay Campbell for a Wallstrip Reunion.

Fred was my first investor in Wallstrip back in 2006 (this was before his investments in Twitter, Zynga, Etsy, Coinbase) and Lindsay was the host and star of the show. Here they are back in 2006 (a great interview).

Lindsay now runs video for IMDB (an Amazon company).

Every few months I call Lindsay with a show idea and each time she politely tells me I am crazy and to leave her alone. God bless her!

Now to the markets…

Amazon passed Microsoft today in market value. Ho Hum!

Apple is 8 percent away from reaching one trillion.

If this current Nasdaq run continues thorough 2018 it’s almost a ‘pickem between Apple, Google and Amazon for the race to 1 trillion.

I will stick with my Apple call from years back, but I own all three.

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