The Rarest Asset of All…Time

I have been talking and writing way too much stocks and markets, but it seems if I don’t I will talk and write about Zoom.

I have been blathering about inflation in rare digital assets and I have forgotten about the rarest asset of all …time.

The days are long right now and there has been no ‘June Gloom’ so far in San Diego. The skies are more blue than I remember. I wake at 5 am and try to get all my calls and work done by 1 pm so that I have my afternoons off for a bike and/or run and my porch life.

Rachel and I have spent the last few afternoons on our porch. I smoke cigars and plan my summer of ‘Panic With Friends And Their Dogs (no cats) On My Porch‘ podcast and she surfs Tik Tok and asks me questions about startups and living in New York.

I got back so much time as the world shut down. I am trying to appreciate all of it.

Tomorrow I will buy stocks when I wake up and they will go up because that is the law.

Investing and life are easy one or two days a year. I will enjoy them and not apologize.

PS – late nights I have polished off Yellowstone which was great and started ZeroZeroZero on Amazon Prime which is excellent.