The REAL Problem with Mike Arrington and Robert Scoble…

These two [email protected]#tards think they invented something.

If you live in the financial world you know that Cramer invented blogging- in 1997 – at least as compared to their view of when blogging started. Cramer created a passionate and gigantic brand and took it freaking public for $300 plus million while you pray to the ‘loud mouthed’ word bully Jason CalacANUS and his $25 million empire built on a lame gadget blog. Cramer is more rlelevant (in some ways) 11 years later. Let’s see where you two are in 3 more years.

Here is self-important Scoble :

Lately blogging seems like it has lost its way. Why? Well, looking at TechMeme you can see why: the professionals have taken over and have redefined what blogging is. They’ve (and I include myself in that, because now I’m part of a professional media organization) have taken blogging away from individual people and have corporatized it.
When blogging started getting rolling in 2001-2004 (before Valleywag or TechCrunch) it was a small community

TRANSLATION – Me and Arrington have nothing new to say.

The reason TechMeme is thriving while you hop from job to job doing the exact same thing, old media does the one thing it is almost capable of doing, breaking stories with a hint of facts.

Now one thing Scoble has correct about Mike Arrington’s ‘GIVE UP, WHITE FLAG’ post of a few days ago (I wrote about this happening a year ago), Arrington wants to beat CNET. That’s a stupid way to build a business. Sure he can raise $10-$20 million (he should have done that before TechMeme came along strong) and bulk up page views. YAWN! Who reads CNET anyway.

If you are still reading Scoble and Arrington, time has passed you by. It’s very 2006.

If they had a voice, they would not lament about thee good old days. Blogging has just brought out new voices. Deal with it. You guys have work to do because you are moving at light speed towards DONE!

These guys feel so entitled. The only reason I post like this occasionally is to point out that none of us should feel so entitled. Show some freaking gratitude instead of whining and wishing for old days.


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