The Rut…I Am Excited to Use Zoom As An Excuse Not A Daily Utility

I am struggling to find fresh inspiration for my daily blog.

So much so I have missed a couple of days in the last week because I don’t feel like writing about stocks, markets and startups all the time.

I am in a groundhog day spiral.

I wake, I work, I sleep.

I don’t miss the travel but I am really missing the face to face of group get togethers and busy streets.

I can’t wait to travel with purpose.

I have some passion projects I want to dive into on the creative side but they will require extensive travel and a return to some kind of normalcy with respect to human contact.

The pent up demand for events is real and the creativity boom can’t be fully realized until we can roam and hug. No offense to all you Substackers and Tiktockers.

I am itching to use Zoom as an excuse not a daily utility.