The Semiconductor Train…$MIPS $ATML $ARMH $CRUS with Roy Kaller

Everyone in the semiconductor pool….

It sure feels silly out there, but with the mobile revolution replacing the PC revolution, one needs to have some perspective on silly.

The $SOX $SMH semiconductor index of the 1990’s was seriously hot. Seriously bubblicious.

It is very hard to grasp investing in parts, whether they are auto parts or computer parts. I generally avoid. The genreal fear has really cost me in this momentum run. I want to learn a lot more so I sat down with a friend Roy Kaller to discuss the 50 year old industry. Roy has done it ALL in the semiconductor industry and continues to strategically consult for a hot chip stock $CRUS.

I have/had (taped last week) been eyeing $ARMH which is like the $IMAX or $DLB for monile phones and just starting to do some work and the stocks has now exploded another 30 percent. I won’t chase it here but learned a lot and as usual some valuable lessons in the value of working harder and faster when I have an instinct.

It feels like the markets will love semiconductor stops for a long time in this cycle. The corrections will be vicious as usual and the losers will cut you hard when their networking and mobile landlords change the parts.


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