The Smartphone and Addictions

This interview by Bill Maher of Russell Brand on the topic of addiction is excellent:

I don’t have the fame or drug addiction problems that Russel Brand has/had.

I would say I battle a smartphone addiction.

The last year I have been much better about my iPhone use.

I leave it behind at home a lot of the time (when I do not need to drive). I turn it over in meetings.

I use iMessage a lot more versus my public social networks use, which means I stay in contact mostly with a closer circle of good friends. Further, now that I have the Apple Airpods I am using the actual phone feature way more. This has definitely been more productive, and fun. It puts me more in what I would call ‘real touch’ with family and friends.

Our inability to moderate is obvious when it comes to the iPhone and the software apps (especially the social ones) that powers them.

I watch my kids use Snapchat and Instagram and it is obvious that the iPhone and these apps have become their TV. It’s more addictive than TV because it is social and real-time. It is always on.

The Wall Street Journal has a piece out this weekend titled ‘How Smartphones Hijack our Minds‘. The research being done says the smartphones weaken our intellect. I shared it with the kids and we will chat about it.

I won’t chime in on the tone of the article, the data or the science of it, but it seems rather obvious that we are facing an addiction issue.

I plan on buying and reading Russell Brand’s book ‘Freedom from our Addictions’.

Have a great long weekend everyone.

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